Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Pieces for a Sewing Basket

I have completed the stitching for Patriotic Shaker Box by The Scarlett House

Included in the pic above are the fabrics I found at The Sewing Studio.  I love the striped fabric and how it coordinates with the stripes in the flags and the flag-roof of the houses.  And, I love the birds, berries and leaves in the other print and how they work with the same elements of the stitched patterns.

A couple of years ago, I snagged a Sudberry Shaker Sisters Sewing Box at Pocket Full of Stitches during a sale.  This is the box:

The flowers and flags will go on top.  I chose my count of linen (28 count) so it would better fit the top of my box.

The houses will be a pincushion to tuck inside the box and the 1776 star will be a scissors fob.  Some red scissors might be just the thing.

I'm also thinking of making a fabric covered, padded bottom to fit inside and a fabric lining for the inside with pockets for small items.

I don't know exactly when I'll get to this finishing work, but I'll post pictures here when complete!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Chasing Master Craftsman Status

As you know, I am a member of the Embroiderer's Guild of America.  One of the opportunities afforded to members is the pursuit of Master Craftsman certification in a number of techniques - beading, canvas, color, counted thread, crewel, design, quilting, silk/metal threads, smocking and surface. 

A couple of years ago I began working on the Master Craftsman in Counted Thread Embroidery.  There are several steps - the first being the creation of a family history sampler in counted cross stitch.  Here is my successful piece:

The assignment for step two is to create an Assisi embroidery piece.  Assisi embroidery has a void design so that the subject of the piece is done in double running stitch and then the background is filled in solidly, in this instance with cross stitches.  Also, there is typically a decorative border done in double running stitches.

I have had more than one idea and nothing has worked out so far.  However, I think my latest idea is going to be it.

We have several Turk's Hat plants in front of our home.  They are very striking this time of year.  They attract lots of bees, and we see an occasional hummingbird.  If there were more hummingbirds in our area, I think we would see a lot of hummingbirds.  How could you resist these gorgeous, red blooms?!?

This is my start on a chart for my Assisi piece.  I will draw it out by hand and when satisfied with the drawing, I will start transferring the chart to a computer app.  The computer app gives me a lot more flexibility in editing, copying and flipping parts of the design if I decide to make changes.

I will post my progress here soon!