Sunday, July 1, 2018

Some Projects Have a History

This weekend I put the finishing touches to a little project that I started over ten years ago - Moonlight and 11:58 p.m. by Fern Ridge Collections.  The copyright date on the pattern is 2006.

I hit a bump pretty early on after starting the stitching.  I spilled tea or something on the linen.  I thought I had a pretty good solution.  Around the time I purchased this kit I also purchased a product called Distress It.  It is a spray used to antique linen or other fabrics.  So, I camouflaged my spill by antiquing the linen.  Mission accomplished.

Due to some stitching mistakes and frogging, I had to purchase more Needlepoint Inc. Silk in black.  Still later I had to rip out and acquire more of another thread.  At some point I became so frustrated that I put the thing away.

I brought it out last year when I needed a project for my lunchtime stitching.  Success was to be mine this go around, and I completed all the stitching.  I tucked it away in my bag of items that need the finishing work done and moved on to other projects.

Last weekend I was poking around in that bag of items to see what I might want to "finish" and decided to give it a go.  I am happy to report that this little project is done!  Last weekend I did the sewing and today I added the beaded edging. 

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